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Bread making in the Republic of Georgia: tonis puri, khatchapuri, nazuki, imeruli, or lobiani..

Bread making 

Artisanal tonay or bread oven, in Koda, Chida Kartli, Georgia
a fun bread bag..

late bread baking in Tbilisi

There is nothing more appealing to the senses than the smell of freshly baked bread, is there?
the dough is weighed and shaped for the tonay

the tonay is ready

The bread goes on the sides.
When baked, it will be collected before it has a chance to drop.

Bread's hot! Come and get it!
chotis puri
Whether you buy it, or you make it, the bread varieties available will astound you. It can be sweet, savory, filled with tarragon, my latest craze, or with cheese, or just...plain, of course! Most people buy their tonis puri in town, simply because they do not have the oven needed to make it, but in the country side, it is made in the family oven, usually set up somewhere outside. Either way, it is delicious..

When I arrived in Georgia in 2008, I couldn't believe that you could walk around town at 11pm, and the bakers were still in front of their ton-ay, baking tonis puri, "bread made in a tonay". You could get bread anytime of the day, really. Over the years, I have learned that frankly, the best bread is tonis puri, so hot you can't even hold it.

tonis puri in Koda, Georgia

khatchapuri adjaruli, or "from the region of Adjara" in SW Georgia

berdzenuli, or Greek bread, with blinis
Time for dinner!

This year, as we returned to Georgia, the little bakers seem to have regrouped and you can buy tonis puri, or berdzenuli puri, or "greek bread", in factories. Lucky for us, we live 2 minutes on foot from the nearest bakery, so the smell of bread baking is an all-day pleasure! Aa a French woman with an addiction for a crisp baguette, I must say that Georgian breads always deliver. Not once have I missed my boulangerie, but, of course, I wouldn't trade my "sandwiche jambon/beurre" with anyone at home!
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