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Tourism in Georgia

Let's go to Georgia!

It is now done, Georgia is a DESTINATION! About time!

Back in 2008, I tried to convince my Georgian family to get on the tourism bandwagon. Granted, back then, it was not that attractive. In August 2008, the war between Russia and Georgia was exploding all over the news, and made it so that tourism could not get off the ground.

And how things have changed!
In 10 short years since the war (let us all remember that the Russian troops are STILL in South Ossetia, a Georgian recognized province..), Sakartvelo has been transformed into a traveler's paradise! It is getting almost too touristy for me, but there are ways to avoid the tourist traps still.

Below you will a few tips on better traveling, and on the cheaper side, in Georgia.
I inserted links to pix and other pages in this blog so you can get an idea of what is in store. Feel free to click and enjoy our non-professional photos. We are people just like you, and we take average pics, but it will give you an inside on the life of Georgians and the beautiful things to see and experience. Keep in mind that when we travel in Georgia, one of us is home and can communicate like the native that he is. That does allow us to come "closer", I suppose. However, Georgians are incredibly welcoming, and you will feel right at home almost immediately.

Places to visit
Georgia is not a very big country, but it is full of things to do and see. Although I will outline many places to go to, you will find that limiting yourself to 2 or 3 might be enough.

Batumi,Tbilisi, Bakuriani, Anaklia, Gudauri, Bordjomi, Akhaltsikhe:
These are some of the places you will want to go visit on your trip to Georgia.

Are you a walker? You can trek in the mountains, or walk in Tbilisi also, where a multitude of great walks can be done. (pics of daily street life in Georgia)
You may want to walk Tbilisi at night, it is quite magical.
Tbilisi at night. A delight for the eyes.

Are you a skier? Bakuriani or Gudauri will welcome you with fabulous mountains
Do you like to swim? Beaches in Anaklia or Kobuleti could be your next destination.
Do you want to experience food and culture? I recommend Akhaltsikhe, the Rabati Fortress, Tbilisi, of course, and Bordjomi. Vardzia and Kutaisi for architecture, culture, etc..
and obviously...the must see...
The whole country will delight you, but you will want to investigate the Kakheti region in the eastern part of Georgia if you are looking for the wine capital. Please understand that wine making is everywhere in Georgia, but it is particularly set for tourists in Kakheti.

Transportation is available, of course, but Georgia is a place to be savored and not rushed. We do have a way to offer our own "taxi" service at low cost. Contact us directly at Menu Voyage, our FB page. That is probably the best way to get around, unless you go for the even cheaper option of taking a marshootka, or minibus, that crisscrosses the towns and the country as a whole. Or, you can fly into Tbilisi, and take the overnight train to Bordjomi. To get to the wine country takes a bit more finesse...but we can help you with that.

Lodging: is also available, evidently. You can pay for the big hotels that are popping up, but frankly, meeting people one on one, and making friends might be so much more fun. For that, you can stay in the numerous houses that propose a bed and most of the time, a rather fantastic breakfast..
Here is the way to do things: When you arrive in a town, hit the first little grocery store you see, and ask if someone has a place where they rent rooms. Although I would not advise to do this in Tbilisi, the smaller towns all have large houses that take in people on a moment's notice. Granted, it is not the Hilton, but I guarantee you will make fantastic contacts with the real Georgians. We can also help to find logding with our Taxi point A to B service. :)
How much is a night, would you ask? Where you will pay up to 100$ for a hotel for a night, you might pay 20 $ for a home lodging..and you will get a great breakfast, if you request one.
In this, I should mention that Batumi is a very difficult place to find cheap lodging, since it has become the playground of the rich, but small villages around, such as Kobuleti, a seaside village for the locals, have tons of cheap lodging, and you mostly will not have to reserve in advance.

Churchkhela, and other goodies
When to go: Winters are cold, but there are less tourists. Spring are warmer than Europe or the US, and are a nice time to go. Summers are scorching, that is all I will say. Fall is WONDERFUL, since it is grape-picking time. Festivals everywhere, wine everywhere, etc...tourists everywhere..October usually has Tbilisoba, or Tbilisi day, and that is a fun thing to go to. It celebrates the harvest in a very festive way. Starting in 2018, this year, and ..this weekend, Tbilisoba will always be set on the first weekend of October. I admit it was somewhat confusing in years past.. Yeah for that info! Here is the planning for the 2018 Tbilisoba.
famous Georgian socks.
Can't live without them anymore..
homespun and handmade.

How to go: Cheap flights out of France and Germany these days. Consult Wizz Air for prices. Check out the calendar, since prices can be tripled over a single week..but there some good deals to be had. Traveling light is better, since most of these airlines charge heavily for luggage. It is not a problem to be seen wearing the same outfit several days in a row.
Leaving out of France or most places in Europe through Turkey with Pegasus Airlines can be affordable, but again, check the calendar, since they do have times when they offer very competitive rates, and other times, not.. Keep in mind that most flights into Tbilisi will arrive in the middle of the night. There is a good reason for it, but I forgot it..
More details to be added a little later on this month..Keep posted!

Your next stop should be at the Tourism Bureau. Their site is very nice, and outlines many of the places you will want to see.
The national Tourism Bureau

So glad you came to visit.
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