Walking the walk...Tbilisi, one step at a time..

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It is by walking the streets that you start to understand the lives of the people. Taking the underground, shopping for your daily meal, or just looking around, there is nothing better than that to absorb the beauty of a country.
beautiful balconies near Pushkin street
In Tbilisi, there is so much to see..
Next week, I will start with Sololaki for a great photo safari. We are in search of beauty and realism. Luka will be my companion, tchemi patara pedagogi.
Here is a slice of what we discovered already in the great Georgian khatchapuri pie...
fruits, veggies and all kinds of goodies

Art Nouiveau

grapes in downtown Tbilisi

Rustaveli, an inspiration to all

still don't know what that is, but it is cool.


China is so much closer here..
The bazaris, or open-air markets, are going to disappear soon, as the government is trying to bring in more shopping centers with big names such as Carrefour, Zara, H and M, etc..For now, they are what remains of the great Silk Road, a mixture of goods from all over, and also, and especially close to my heart, local products made by local people. Give a pair of knitted Georgian socks anytime, rather than a Chinese or European knock-off version!
wool and other yarns. Vagzlis Bazari/Didube
One of greatest things to do is to go to Vagzlis Bazari, and look at the gold! It comes from all over, at great prices. Gold here has a beautiful copper hue, and we all know what the Kartvelis have done to gold in the last centuries. They are absolute experts, and their work is absolutely flawless.
Sitting on the balcony on a summer or fall evening, as temperatures slowly fall, is delightful. A lot of Georgians move their beds to the balconies in the summer, to escape the sweltering heat of the day. Today, September 13th, 2014, it is still 30+ Celsius.. Great if you arrive from Northern Europe, where I have already taken out my sheepskin slippers out..
so pretty

A mixture of ancient, very ancient, and very modern is what makes Tbilisi such an interesting place to visit. The Bridge of Peace is one of those examples that bridges modern and ancient, going from the park of Vake, with its ultra modern additions, to Kala, and the Chardin district, or Old Town. The harmonious lines of the bridge do not alter the landscape, but rather....bridge it...
The bridge of Peace

pausing for lunch and yet another hot,
melting, great khatchapuri...and beer, of course!
I do believe you have grown so much since 2009...
 More to come, as Luka and I roam in Tbilisi in the next 3 weeks..
So, patara pedagogo...here we go!

This walk is not for the weak at  heart,
eh, Luka? On the way to Betlemis Eklesia.

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