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Second trip to Georgia: more on Georgian food


So, of course, it will all start with food! In a year, the look of Georgia has changed, but the food is still just as fantastic!
It is so nice to come back and to see that the work of Saakashvili is not lost. The streets have been repaved, and the danger of falling into large holes is not so present. People walk with more ease, their heads a little higher maybe. Reconstruction is such a long process!
It seems like the outlook is a little less grim this year. A little over a year after the Russian attacks, people are still standing, and still extremely proud of their country.
In Gori, where a lot of destruction happened, Saakashvili has built tons of houses for the people who lost everything. In South Ossetia, the region around Gori, the houses belonging to the Georgian natives have been destroyed to the ground, while the houses of the Ossetian, claiming loyalty to the Russians, remain standing. It is very disheartening to hear the stories of people whose entire lives have been wiped out by the Russian armies, and then some of them miss the era when they all had jobs and lead maybe emprisoned lives in this country from which they could not escape, but where they had an identity.
and so we eat....At Chilika's, a nice kababi, some green stuff and beer, of course..A little dessert churchrela  is always welcome, along with all the fresh fruit that Georgia is famous for. The Churchrela is a string of walnuts halves dipped in pelamuchi, a mix of grape juice and thickener like flour. The ladies then dip the strings of nuts in the pelamuchi, and hang the lot. They dry and form a delicious treat with low sugar.

A great bunch of khinkali  and bbq items go well with a nice bottle of saperavi  wine. Let's eat!

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