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People of Georgia

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The people of Georgia

Seems they come from a different time, a time of fear and darkness. They remember it, and base, of course, their lives of today on the fears of the possible return of the dark times.
In their lives, they have lived and seen abundance, hunger, fear, happiness, war. They still remember when everyone had a job, everyone was trained for a job, everyone had a right to go to school for free. Then, at the same time, those same people remember the lock on their frontiers, the forbidden products, like records back then, and anything seen as subversive, anything coming from the Western world. They remember sharing jeans, because they were so expensive. Now, hardly anyone has a job, people struggle each day to earn a very meager living. What system, they ask themselves, is the better one? Interesting dilemna! Would you want a sure job, and no possible way to leave your country, where you are in very restricted freedom? Or would you like a society where business is now possible, but you don't have any security at all?

 This man sells hats on the Black Sea. He is blind. All day, he sits in his trailer and sells hats. What he did in his "former" life, I cannot tell you. He takes your money and trusts you on the amount you give him. His family makes the hats to survive.

This lady sells fish on the side of the road. The fish hang on strings at the edge of her stall. Passer or driver-bys stop and pick out the fish. She guts out your fish, wraps it, and you are set!

Here is an interesting little story:
What do you suppose this lady is doing?
 She is washing wool! In each of the netted bags, she has about 3 sheep shavings. The content of all 3 came out of 8 sheep. Brown or white sheep, it does not matter in this job...
So, here it is. When she is done hosing and stumping on the wool, trying to remove all the dirt and such out of it, she will hang the bag from her balcony.

 In the morning, when the wool has dripped and dried, she will take a willow stick and beat it...That will fluff up the bag...Getting an idea of what she is making yet?
 Well, here is the answer:

She is going to fill her mattress with the new wool. Here in Georgia, the mattresses are made of wool around Tbilisi, while on the Black Sea coast, they use cotton, because the weather is more clement on the coast...
Cool, no?
Another detail of importance: The beds have 2 mattresses, one for each person. The wool will end up making an "envelope", more than a mattress as we see it. It will be about 10 to 15cm high. Here you see the blue mattresses for single beds. It is not particularly fluffy, as you might have thought, but it is very comfortable. The idea that each person has his/her own mattress brings on some interesting discussions, but I have yet to think that it is a bad thing. The beds are usually quite large, about a king-size or a little less. Plenty of room to stretch out!

Wow, Giga! You used to be soooo young!!

Georgian people tend to be somewhat gloom about the situation in the country, but they are very rich emotionally. It comes from having lived at a period of turning points in their lifetime, having seen and first-hand experienced 2 completely different social and governmental systems, having had abundance, and lack of everything. They are amazing people, very resilient.
 ..and the new generation is coming right up. Same beliefs as the grandparents and the parents, but with a love for CocaCola and Wifi...Watch out world!

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