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the Georgian National Museum. Simon Janashia Museum

The Georgian Janashia National Museum

The golden treasures of the Colchis Region are on display in the Georgian National Museum.
This museum in on the main street, Rustaveli Boulevard.

This fibula is only about 2 centimeters high!!! The detail work in Georgian gold is absolutely incredible. Note the color of the gold in Georgia, a golden caramel hue. Magnificent!

In Georgia, gold abounded in the rivers. The gold panners would lay sheep skins in the bottom of the river, the gold flakes would attach themselves to the skin while the water ran down, then, they would hang the skins on trees to dry. Hence the legend of the Golden Fleece...

This lovely lion (lomi  in Georgian) is tiny,
but it is solid gold!!

This button used on armors is very intricate.
A silver vessel

Necklaces abound and they are made of cloisonné in precious and semi-precious stones.

Earrings about 7" long

A qvevri, the type of wine amphora that Georgians still bury in their cellars. They can contain hundreds of liter of rvino, or wine.
 An interesting and expensive way to seal yourletters ..

 A horse!

Writing set inspired by the Greeks with stylus

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