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Bolnisi, home of the oldest Christian church in Georgia.

BOLNISI, in Georgian ბოლნისი, in Kvemo Kartli, Georgia, is home of one of the oldest Christian churches in Georgia, dating from the 5th Century AD. It is a lovely little church that, although rather hard to reach, does deliver a sweet punch.

If you are on the way to Dmanisi, to discover who Homo Georgicus was (Yes, Homo Georgicus!!!), a little stop by Bolnisi would surely be interesting.

These old inscriptions date from 494 AD 
and feature the "asumtavruli" writing style of that period. 

The colors in the church building are just beautiful. Soft pastel greens, light pinks and oranges..
It is with pleasure that you walk around and in this lovely church. If you are a woman, please be aware that you will have to wear appropriate clothing covering your head and legs.

Wine and grapes are an integral part of Georgia. Here is a charming example..

The soft pastel colors and the delicate carvings on the windows.

It is a very small church, and the place is extremely quiet. 
Roses have been planted as a hedge.

As always, the details are what catches your eye in Georgia. 
Lovely, and delicate.

The church is of course a functioning place, and 
the little houses are there for the caretakers and priests.

Now, isn't that beautiful?
Enjoy your visit!

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