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Abanotubani, a sulfurous experience...

Grab your towel, we're going abanotubaning! Well, maybe not..

It's the year. I only made it to the door last year, and chickened out..This year, I am going to do it! Bath AND massage, please!
Only a week to wait...
Then, I will go eat some pilminis, right next door!
Abanotubani is a strange and inviting place to any foreigner in search of exotic pleasure and relaxation. 
But the ongoing thought in the Georgian population is that it is a place for prostitutes and ill-happenings. So, a Georgian woman who respects herself would not be caught dead there... I am having an ongoing discussion with my georgian family about even entering the dreaded place..and a woman does not enter alone, I am told. It remains to be seen if my towel will be even slightly moist with sulfurous waters.
All this, however, is a part if the culture and it explains why the majority of Georgians have never entered the place. With less than a week in Georgia, time is running short. To be continued..or not
A pretty view of the Abanotubani neighborhood.
The great steam vents in Abanotubani

Sulfur baths....Should be interesting!

This would be the place.

Now, you don't see that everyday..

Steam vents and balconies. What else could you ask for..
Come on it! The water is fine!!
Beautiful door...

What a great sight!

Needless to say, my towel is dry! Darn it anyway!

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